Design is a way of organizing things. We cannot say design is good or bad. If it delivers the message you want to send, then we can say it works and is good. I have chosen some works which I like and will explain why below.

Design And Effectiveness

Sample 1: Axe Deodorants

My first image is guerrilla advertisement campaign which creates a unique, and thought provoking concept to generate excitement. Axe is the one of good example of this. Axe is well known for different kinds of interesting marketing ideas for products such as deodorant. They use unique concepts to deliver a message to the target market, which is the young population. The sticker demonstrates attraction of scent on the girls. The sticker uses existing emergency exit signs and creates that “attractive smelling male image”. Once the guy sprays himself with Axe deodorants the girls cannot resist to him. They are chasing him. The Axe trying to show that good smells can create attraction, which helps boost the masculine self image. The use of pictogram grabs attention of passers- by. They use to wit to influence people’s behavior.


Sample 2 : Less Noise

In this poster the message is clear and people can get the idea that there is too much noise in easy way. This poster, less noise one of the Josef Muller- Brockman works, who is Swedish designer. Black and white photographs and diagonal axis, using red color for slogans make it very strong. The message is delivers to the viewer straight away. The most vivid emotions can be expressed on a page. Whatever the message is can be communicated with photograph or drawn.

This advertisement is one of the series of advertising campaign that delivers the message straight away. It demonstrates what will happen if you drive a car when you are drunk. This is not just specific group of people. The target market is everyone. The message is that if you are driving a car when you are drunk, a severe car accident is likely occur. The poster represent possibilities that you can cram into a tree when you are drunk driving alcohol. They are not trying to advertisement a product. It shows us advertisement is not just about promotion. The message is simple, on the other hand it is meaningful for everyone.