Digitalized World and Japanese Culture

Digitalized World and Japanese Culture

Design, technology and the digital world is one of the first countries to come to mind in this sector, of course, Japan is. So how do they manage to remain so traditional and so up-to-date? We wanted to study some working principles and motivation points to look at what we can learn from the Japanese.

Digitalized World and Japanese Culture

Basitlik ve Teknoloji

Japanese designers, both digital and external products are quite different from their competitors in the industry. The Japanese stand out with their minimalist design approach. We immediately realize that they combine minimalism and elegance especially in architectural and interior design. They place a breathing line in their design with the perspective of uy simple is perfect “. However, when it comes to digital media such as websites and blogs in Japan, we are faced with a lot of information and complex designs.

For people who live in Japan and are familiar with this culture, the design and appearance of websites is of course not re complex and problematic ’. Beyond familiarization, this culture is influenced by the need for convincing and demanding knowledge of social culture. The only situation they can see as a problem is perhaps that there is no target audience. That is, the use of interfaces that respond to every need in the same place her


Technology in Everyday Life

When you enter a little bit of everyday life, the reason is clearly visible. In Japan, there is a large confusion of payment methods, rail transport system or street signs. In other words, living in Japan necessitates being ready for daily chaos and visual density. Conversely, the tranquil and peaceful Zen gardens are also included. Perhaps this contrast creates the angle between designs. It would not be wrong to say that Japanese designers have successfully balanced this opposition. They literally combine modernism with traditionalism, technology and commons, faith in science. There are very few communities and states in the world that can handle this business.

Stability of Japanese Culture

With its long and turbulent history, deep-rooted culture and geographic location, Japan always represents an original tradition on earth. Quality, durability, security, education, such as vital issues easily come to the fore. Japan is probably an island country with a fairly homogeneous demographics – even according to the latest data, only 7% of the population is from outside. This is an advantage in preserving the traditional.

If you need to list some of the country’s leading design companies and independent designers: entsu, Think & amp; Do, Tank, Re: public, Hatte, Concent, Spread and Cinra kültür Although each one has different styles and views, they are in common that the extensions of traditional culture are not yet seen in digital space.

We do not know how this discussion affects the current situation, but it is clear that Japan is extremely impressive for other countries. Digitalized World and Japanese Culture  It’s Going in the Same direction.