In Graphic design values and attitudes are continuously reproduced and challenged. Design can create significant social change such as poverty, healthy, water, economic empowerment.

Role of Design

The role of design in large-scale can solve great problems. In particular I believe good design may be able to solve some social problems. Many messages are delivered as public service society. I will give one example of public service advertising. The advertising call “we can do it”. This advertising is one of the most far-reaching in the war campaign field, Rosie the Riverter. “We Can Do It”. After this poster she became America’s wartime icon for women willing to roll up sleeves. Women began to work in factories as a part of the war campaign. At this point, six million women moved into the workforce to replace the man and they helped manufacture war material.

This poster supports women collectively work as one workforce.



From this advertisement we can see how design can influence the behavior of the society. If public service advertisements were to be examined by them themselves, the results still may only tell part of the story, however if the evaluations are comprehensive and detailed then other factors can be examined. Group research can help shape and spread a message before the campaign is launched, however within these sessions, the exact public beahivour or attitudes cannot be measured. The message  can influence people in the right or wrong way. Different types of advertisement are used these days, such as tv, outdoors or others. Each one gives people different messages.

The number of times car seat belts are worn on the TV screen and the image of a gruesome picture on the cigarette box that says smoking cigarettes kills you have shown great responses by the public. According to research , after these types of campaigns, 5 % of cigarette smokers are stopping smoking and more people are using seat bell. In other words the message has delivered people and force them to change behavior.

Finally, the world has changed gradually since messages started to coming into our living rooms asking us to take steps to improve our health and lives. As a result, design has become one of the most important factors in recent years. We can influence every person to change their social life with the power of design.