Typography; it means writing a phenomenon by bringing the concept or definition into a certain form. Hence, using typography effectively, it can evoke different emotions and create a mood to improve the brand of your business.

Letter forms are important in graphic design and can be as visually fascinating as they are properly applied. Characters related to titles, web design and logo design

When designing, they can achieve a reaction..

Is Typography Just Font?

When a typography is used as a work of art, it does not always need to be read. In fact, it is important that it is able to draw attention and give a message without having to read it. When the alphabet shapes are highlighted and are part of total design and style, graphic designers don’t need to rely on real pictorial shapes so closely. In fact, many designers use typography to create forms in the foreground, which work as textures in the background of their designs with typography. In the case of colors entering typography or perhaps showing various weights and even movements, almost all font families take their own unique styles.

As seen in a large number of ads and logo, normal fonts appear to be incredibly creative. First of all, whenever typography matches a sense of design and style, it also attracts the audience in which it is presented zaman and thus the task is accomplished!


The link between writing and visuality

The perceptions of typography should support specific visual communication that helps explain what the written text means. Basically, the headers must simulate and apply the feeling and design of the design. Another factor to consider when designing the layout is to tackle the target market you are interested in. For example, if your target audience is for young children, typography should definitely include fun shapes and colors. Since children prefer primary colors, try to keep the color scheme simple or even in random position styles and colors throughout the entire design. As a result, it may be simple to find that stylized character shapes are definitely an important part of design and are an important part of visual communication. Readability is typically a key factor; that is, not used as background texture.

Every character in the alphabet will be amazing and you can see them all and enjoy the meaning behind
it will get really fun.