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Reaching Google Summits

Situation Analysis

We determine how your website is seen by Google, what you are in, and your shortcomings.

Keyword Study

To find the right search results, we review your target audience and determine the keywords you need.

Competitor analysis

We identify the websites and brands you are expected to be competing in and determine the strategy we will implement to get ahead.

Process management

We do our planning, manage expectations and processes by determining and report the path we have made.

Projectiw Cares

Our business is to adopt and deeply understand our customers.

Projectiw acts by identifying its brand culture, traditions and its customer base and target audience. Accordingly, the keywords, the search results are evaluated and included in the leadership strife.

Continuously Tracking

Our goal is not to perform work, but to achieve results

While carrying out our SEO studies with due attention to the smallest details, we perform periodic comparisons, pay attention to the use of the right channels and work to achieve optimum performance with the appropriate budget and we conduct our analyzes and reports.

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