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Social Media

Our social media services are not just sharing and reporting. Our aim is not only to manage social media accounts, but also to adopt a successful way to become a channel, followers and fans, the creation of campaigns and interaction-targeted sharing of recycling aims to give.

The target audience, potential customers and the social media platforms they use are different. Projectiw makes the choice of target group and social media by analyzing and understanding the brands that it offers solution partnership. In this way, fast and efficient return can be taken.

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Brand Management

Whether you are an experienced and well-known brand for many years, have come to new life, have a big dream and become a brand new to the world, you need to make a lot of strategic choices about brand management. The ever-changing world, which is constantly evolving in the field of digitalization, forces all brands to make critical choices at any moment. We provide plans that will enable our teams to achieve optimum earnings through analysis, brand, culture, target audience and market analysis.

How can your customers find you?

Search Engine Optimization

Projectiw acts by identifying its brand culture, traditions and its customer base and target audience. Accordingly, the keywords, the search results are evaluated and included in the leadership strife.

While carrying out our SEO studies with due attention to the smallest details, we perform periodic comparisons, pay attention to the use of the right channels and work to achieve optimum performance with the appropriate budget and we conduct our analyzes and reports.

First Step to Digital World

Web Design

A website should not only address a place on the Internet. It must reflect the character of a company and be the source of its digital face.

Websites should be available not only on computers and tablets, but also on everyday devices such as phones, televisions or even hours, refrigerators. A site that does not have a “responsive” feature cannot be successful in any sense. In Projectiw we achieve this!

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Printing Management

In short, we supply our customers with litho, digital and screen print plus promotional and exhibition products too.

Most customers supply their own artwork – but this can be arranged for you too if required. We also have our own storage and distribution service with the option of online ordering and stock management, saving you valuable space and time. Orders for stock placed before 2pm are sent same day to be with you the following day.

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Digital Marketing

It is necessary to determine which marketing mixes will be used intensively, and the campaigns that will provide optimum efficiency and orientation should be provided accordingly.

Spending a lot of money does not always bring very good performances. Inexperienced or uninformed teams in the field of saturation and optimum efficiency in digital marketing are doomed to fail.

Steps should be followed on the path drawn by channel and budget selection, impacts should be examined, successful strategies should be focused, developed, and deficient strategies should be reevaluated to yield efficiency.

01. Vision

Projectiw is a solution partnership that provides services to its customers by analyzing the sector and the way of working in the future.

02. Design

Every work we do is a reference for us. By taking this situation into consideration, we prepare our designs carefully and offer them to our liking before our customers.

03. Foresight

Projectiw works by following the evolving technologies, user habits and popular trends and predicting what the future will bring. This makes our work adaptable.